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9th-May-2010 03:15 pm - Wow.
Mini Cooper

It's been a while since I wrote in here. Way too busy with life to actually use this journal. Just had a few things I wanted to get off my chest.

Just busy working & communting a lot. Dead end job = can't go back to school, can't live @ home, & can't really have a life.

Finally got to relax a lil bit yesterday. [after driving up & down so cal for 6 hours or so.] Went camping with my fiancé, Brad, & our friends, Rain & Betty Legz. Drank a lil, spent all night trying to keep our camp fire going, & talked about future wedding plans. Before we really started drinking Brad wanted to tell me something serious. I got worried as he started to cry. Basically he told me that he had a daugther with one of his ex gfs & the baby died @ around 1-2 months old. Got carbon monoxide poisoning. I didn't know what to say to him. He pretty much went on to say that he would die if anything happened to our [future] children. This story didn't really hit me completely til this morning though. =\

Anyways, on to better news, Brad & I decided we're getting married @ the Grand Californian Hotel in Disneyland. Mind you it won't be for @ least a few years. But that place would be perfect for us.

As far as our near future is concerned, Brad also decided that he IS joining the Air Force. He wants to be able to take care of us. Not to mention he gets signing bonuses & marital bonuses as well. I'm not 100% for that but I'm ok with it. He just wants me to go with him to a recruiting office to talk about it & answer our questions.

Since I'm updating on my iPhone I better end it here cuz my battery is dying.

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20th-Jan-2010 06:57 pm - Update needed.
Mini Cooper

Lots of stuff going on in my life right now. I need to make a real update soon but I can't right now. Soon though, soon.

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16th-Sep-2009 10:16 am - Hmmm....
Mini Cooper

I'm thinking about getting a paid account on here for a year. I need to use this more if I'm gunna do that.

I'm also gunna update/change my user info today or tomorrow.

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12th-Sep-2009 10:59 pm - a real entry for once.....

so much has been going on recently. new boy, family stuff, work, friends...etc. i have no idea where to start.

I'll start with my new boy, Jared. Basically he & I met at the train station near my aunts house the friday before Labor day. Our train was delayed & we ended up talking to pass the time. Once we got on the train he started being really flirty & touchy. We talked for a while & ended up exchanging numbers. Last Sunday he asks me if i wanna go to a Ziggy Marley/Reggae show with him as a first date kinda thing. Of course I went & it was amazing. We danced & the entire time he was holding/touching me. It was hella cute. I've never had a bf like this before; not to mention he's exactly what I'm looking for in a guy too.

There is one thing that I think is kinda weird but I'm over it now. I slipped & called him babe the other night while texting. He just straight up told me that he doesn't like being called babe or baby at all. I told him that was a habit though but I'll work on it. lol.

So last night....I went over to his apartment to chill with him & his roommates. Turns out they all were passing around like 4 or 5 bongs between the 4 of them. They are all medical too. haha. I didn't really feel like smoking at the moment but Jared kept shotgunning me hits. lol. I later found out that half of the hits were pure hash. After a while like 5 more people showed up & we all ended up playing beer pong. Jared kept pounding left over beer from each round. Not to mention he & I did a few shots in his room. Eventually everyone went home & Jared, me, & his roommies ended up smoking more. Jared & I ended up passing out in his room @ who knows what time. He kept waking me up with kisses/cuddling. =3

One thing that kinda irks me about Jared is that he says he'll call or text me & never does. I have to call/text him to get a hold of him. Plus he takes forever to respond to my texts. >_< I know I need to be more patient with him but I can't help it. I hella miss him sometimes.

Right now I'm just all alone @ my aunt's house with nothing to do. I could be hanging with Jared again but I already texted him & don't really wanna push anything. I'm just hoping he & I can hang out tomorrow.

Time for a cig & maybe a shower then bed...I have nothing else to do.
10th-Sep-2009 10:19 am(no subject)
Mini Cooper

Work is boring as usual.

So I was supossed to see Jared last night but our lack of transportation meant we couldn't hang out. Boo. I can't believe I miss someone this much. It was like sparks the moment we met. He even said that too.

Since I'm at work I'll update more later. So here's a pic of Jared. [not a very good quality pic but whatever.]

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