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I swear you won’t be happy til.....

I am bound in a straitjacket

17 December 1988
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» The Girl

Ciao. I go by Kris. [short for Kristie.] I'm 21. Lovin' my bf, AJ. Living in So Cal. College who-knows-what. Graphic Design major. Not-so-normal adult by day, raver by night. I'm also known as Pixi Dust or Pixi. Yes, I'm one of those weird kids. I'm a kandi kidd and proud of it. I party through-out Los Angeles. I tend to be shy sometimes. I'm addicted to photoshop, stars, neon colors, && cigs. Once in a while I like to smoke weed. get over it. I also strongly support gay rights and everything that goes along with it. I'm an only child && my mom is a single parent. [&& yes, I was spoiled growing up.] I recently realized that I'm a late bloomer. I FINALLY got my license @ 19 y/o. I also finally got my first job. I'm constantly changing my layouts on here && myspace. I like working in Photoshop & Illustrator. Yeah, go ahead && call me a nerd. I don't care.

» The BF//Fiance

AJ bby.

He is absolutely amazing. AJ is practically perfect for me. He has an incredible way of making me smile. AJ's a total sweetheart. Even behind his tough exterior. I really got lucky this time. Oh, & he has the sexiest snake bites & I usually don't think piercings are attractive. The End. =3.

» Music//T.V.
Music; electronic.dance.music. mainstream. pop. rock. punk. classic rock. indie. alternative. grunge. adult alt.

T.V.; will & grace. miami ink. project runway. the hills. vh1. i love lucy. drake & josh. l.a. ink. real housewives of orange county. friends. weeds. friends. that 70's show. robot chicken. golden girls. family guy.


» Movies//Books
Movies; garden state. party monster. potc. eternal sunsine of the spotless mind. groove. alice in wonderland. finding nemo. harry potter. devil wears prada. vanity fair. walk the line. marie antoinette. happy feet. 10 things i hat about you. peter pan. secret window. midsummer nights rave. wall-e. how to loose a guy in 10 days. baby mama. harry potter. new york minute. rolling. bride wars. i love you, man.

Books; a million little pieces. go ask alice. harry potter. stargirl. babyproof. someone like you. this lullaby. the phantom tollbooth. a mango shaped space.

» Random.